Solutions that scale

At Ripple Logics, our technology teams work for clients to help them with integrated workflow solutions, that are capable of serving multiple operations of their business. Our expertise is in the areas of cloud readiness assessment & migration, workflow automation & analytics. We specialize in the areas of sales, marketing, and servicing. We proudly partnered with Microsoft to use Dynamics Business 365, Office 365 – Power Apps suite for automating and digitizing business processes.

Data Analysis

Our analytics solutions give end to end view of important metrics and key performance indicators through a very intuitive and interactive dashboards. 

Cloud Migration

We have garnered experience in helping various customers in adopting enterprise grade cloud ready solutions and leverage Infrastructure and Platform services to build on-demand scalable solutions for their business

Business 365

With Microsoft Dynamics Suite and power apps, we have a ready product line that could be leveraged to build and automate your business workflows either using system’s out of box features or customizations matching your specific business flows

Our Solutions

Data Factories, Pipelines and Visualization

We empower businesses to establish data pipelines, aggregate data and setup business analytics initiatives that drive customer engagement, and deliver increased value

Sales, Service and Billing

We provide out of box solutions for sales, service and billing workflows. These systems are proven cloud based platforms that offers easy customization, automation and integrations.

Notification, Alerting & Messaging

Nootify, a messaging platform built over Twilio programmable SMS that could help business reach out to their customers, employees or staff. System offers real time and scheduled messages to the channels the subscribers opt for.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries


Oil and Energy

Small Business



Our Approach

The approach we take in delivering solutions and services is to build and implement solutions iteratively and incrementally. 

We work closely with the key stakeholders to identify the business context and build a plan that outlines the solution into deliverable and usable increments. Each increment builds on top of what has gone before. So, fully functioning modules of functionality are built up over time, with each adding to what has already been produced

What it means to our customers

Our customers are always involved, the progress of development has high visibility and flexibility to change is highly important. This implies engagement and customer satisfaction.

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